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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Home Inspection

by | Nov 18, 2022 | Atlantic Building Inspections, Blog, Home Improvement, home inspection, home inspections miami, Home Maintenance

Finding a house you love is a bit challenging yet exciting task. Once you find it, you might need to act fast because other buyers are interested in the same house. You might be planning to skip your home inspection just to make a quick and attractive offer to the seller.

If this is your first purchase of the house, then you might not be aware of the significance of home inspection. Skipping your home inspection can lead to severe costs of repairs or replacements in the future, which might not be affordable for you. There are lot many other factors that need to be considered while getting your home inspection done.

There are different types of home inspections done by various experts and specialists. There are various parts, materials, and systems used in our houses, and inspection of some may not be included in a standard home inspection. It may need a dedicated inspection. A standard home inspection is a basic option you should opt for before signing a deal.

The following five reasons explain why you should not skip home inspection.

  1. Repairs and Replacements May Not Be Affordable for You

Many new homeowners usually don’t have much set aside to pay for repairs after saving up for their down payment and closing costs. Being a new homeowner, you may not find these costs affordable without much savings. Waiting to repaint or update appliances is always a better option than waiting on problems like broken plumbing, leaky roofs, or infestations.

These problems will become worse if you wait on them. Some other issues, such as broken furnaces, must be repaired immediately. Going deep into debt to keep your home comfortable and safe is certainly not a good choice. Rather you can negotiate with the seller to pay for repairs. You can simply walk away if they refuse.

  1. Not Every Problem is Obvious

Spotting issues such as a broken light fixture or a crack in the sink is quite easy. But everyone doesn’t know how to identify foundation problems, outdated wiring, termite infestations, or sewer system problems. You can simply call a trained home inspector and allow them to inspect the entire property before signing the papers. This will prevent you from purchasing a headache rather than a home.

The great advantage of an inspection is that if some major problems are found that you’re unwilling to take on, you can discuss the repairs with the owner or, in the worst case, reject the deal.

  1. Some Problems Can Put Your Family’s Health or Even Your Life at Risk

Even if this sounds horrible, it’s no exaggeration. Issues such as black mold, radon (an odorless radioactive gas), lead paint, or carbon monoxide leaks can lead to serious and sometimes fatal health problems. However, these issues will be easily missed without a professional home inspection, and you should not take this risk.

  1. Some Issues Can Make It Difficult to Insure the Home

Getting home insurance is necessary because, without an insurance policy, lenders won’t allow you to close your home deal. Apart from that, your home will be protected in case anything goes wrong. But, some insurance companies may decide that your home’s plumbing, building materials, or older electrical systems make it too risky to insure. If essential updates are required, you can ask the seller to pay for them. Then, pay for them yourself if you can afford it, or cancel the deal.

  1. The Resale Value of Your Home Gets Affected Due to Serious Issues

A new home for your family is probably the biggest investment of your life. If there are major problems, it may become a lousy investment threatening your financial well-being instead of building your wealth. Getting a home inspection done typically costs a few hundred dollars. Consider it an excellent investment in your financial health and peace of mind.

Although competing with other buyers bidding for the house you want is not easy, you should not skip home inspection at any cost. There’s no alternative to a professional home inspection to protect your mental, physical, and financial health.

If you have chosen a home for your family and are looking for an expert home inspector, contact us for spot-on home inspections at Atlantic Building Inspections.