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Sewer Scope Service

Sewer Scope Service-back

Who needs a Sewer Scope

Homes older than 25 years should get a sewer scope inspection to check for major problems (homes built before 1980).

Inspecting a home before your purchase is a critical piece of due diligence that you should do as a home buyer. One home system that is often overlooked is the sewer line. Normal home inspectors don’t examine it, since it is buried in the ground and it requires special camera equipment to inspect. The prudent home buyer will always have the sewer line inspected, regardless of the age of a home.

A sewer backup is a potentially nasty and expensive event when you own a home. Sewer line repair can also be extremely expensive, as it requires a lot of excavation and potentially street/sidewalk repairs. A cheap sewer line repair can cost $5,000, and once you get in to the street, it can quickly reach a $10,000-$25,000 repair, making it one of the single most expensive repairs you could face during home ownership.

Sewer Scoping-issues
Common Issues Found with Sewer Scoping
  • Disjointed pipes
  • Leaking pipe joints
  • Debris blockage
  • Pipe deterioration
  • Tree roots in the line
  • Broken pipes
  • Punctured pipes
  • Cracked sewer lateral

Sample Video of Actual Sewer Scope:

Photos of Actual Sewer Scope:
Sewer Scoping-introducing-cam

Camera Introduction

Sewer Scoping-cracked pipe
Cracks in the Pipes
Sewer Scoping-Deteriorated-Pipe
Deteriorated Pipe
Sewer Scoping-Standing-Water
Standing Water
Who needs a Sewer Scope

Plumbers focus on finding the issue so they can charge you to fix it, we do not.  We focus on discovering the real issues and providing you the information.  We have licensed plumbers, we will recommend to you, should we find something needing repair/replacement.

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Price of Sewer Scope

Our base fee is $395 (includes homes with (2) bathrooms) Add $65 per additional bathroom

Sewer Scoping-issues
What we do
  • We will videotape the waste pipes via vent stacks on the roof or clean out.
  • You will receive a video with comments and information regarding your pipes.
Sewer Scoping-issues

Florida Average Cost of Sewer Scoping

Florida Average $513

Typical Range $255 – $789

Low End – High End $181 – $1,419

6-Month Warranty

Our sewer line inspection comes with a 6 month warranty.  If it is in good condition during the inspection and it has a failure within 6 months, there is $4,000 of aggregate coverage to help resolve any problems.

Call us to schedule your sewer scope today

(786) 477-5975

We DO NOT remove toilets to allow sewer scoping.  If the only means of scoping is via a toilet, a licensed plumber should be contacted to perform the toilet removal and replacement.