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DOs and DON’Ts: Preparing Your Home for Inspection

by | Jul 21, 2022 | home inspection

Selling your home is not as easy as it seems. You need to do a lot of things to prepare your home for selling. This exhausting process involves cleaning, decluttering, staging, advertising, and showing. Along with these steps, you also need to get a home inspection done. This is done to give prospective buyers a clear picture of the current condition of your property. 

Make sure you prepare for the home inspection to sell your home quickly and reasonably. You can consider the following DOs and DON’Ts before the inspection begins.

Opt for a Pre-Listing Inspection
Getting a pre-listing inspection is one of the best ways to prepare your home for selling. You can get a clear picture of the current condition of your home with a pre-listing inspection. It helps you avoid any surprises along the way and also streamlines the process. As a result, it gives you a better chance of smoother, quicker selling.

Cleaning up Your House
The prospective buyers and home inspectors check every nook and cranny and look for issues or flaws in your home. Therefore, you should ensure that your house is clean, presentable, and organized. A messy, cluttered house will turn off your prospective buyer. Clean your home like a pro to make it stylish, decluttered, and easy to move around in.

Be Punctual
Most inspectors prefer to come early, while the others arrive 15 minutes ahead of schedule. So, you must be dressed and ready to go 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time. Many inspectors begin the inspection with the exterior of the house once they arrive. So, ensure you wake up and prepare early to be on time because the home inspector will be.

Check Out the Exterior
As we said, home inspectors will check the exterior first to ensure it’s in great shape. Now is the best time to take care of your home’s exterior if it is cluttered. You can mow the lawn, trim your bushes, and clear the sidewalk. To make your home more attractive, consider repainting the faded window and front door to make your home more attractive.

Turn On the Utilities
Along with examining the different areas of the house, the home inspector will also check the air conditioner, dishwasher, furnace, and water heater. He won’t be able to check all these appliances without utilities. The inspection will be rescheduled and result in a delayed closing. We recommend leaving the utilities connected even after you have moved out of the house.

Be Ready with the Paperwork

The inspector may ask you the time when you last had your HVAC system serviced or had the chimney cleaned. Gather all the necessary documents and papers of all repairs that you have done on your home. You can include receipts of the appliances and fixtures to prove their age.

Provide Easy Access All Over Your Home
Make sure that you provide easy access to all the areas of your home. Otherwise, the inspector won’t be able to do his job thoroughly. Provide unobstructed access to the basement, attic, crawlspace, and other areas. Remember to unlock doors and gates to the garage, shed, and other rooms in the house.


Hovering Around
Mostly, buyers tag along during the home inspection. This is the best opportunity for them to learn as much as possible about the property they are interested in. However, inspectors will be uncomfortable pointing out some issues or asking questions if you’re inside the house.

Leave the Issues Unfixed
Homebuyers will want to ensure that the house is in tiptop shape. They decide whether or not to invest in your house based on the home inspection. Fix obvious issues before the assessment of your house. Any problem that needs your action should be dealt with by now.

Forget about safety and security
Aspiring homebuyers are looking for a lovely house along with their family’s safety and security. So, it is better that you check your fire and carbon monoxide detectors regularly. Since these devices are life-saving tools, ensure they are operating correctly.

We are sure that these tips will help you convince your prospective homebuyers.If you or someone you know is planning to sell their home, contact Atlantic Building Inspections to avail the most trusted, reliable, and professional home inspection!