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The Importance of a Phase Inspection During New Construction Projects

by | Dec 20, 2021 | Blog

When you build a new home, you must perform a phase inspection to ensure that the work performed on the project is correct. This article explains the relevance of phase inspection works and which points should be included in your contract.

You probably know that phase inspection is vital to perform at the beginning of a construction project. But you might not understand why it’s so important. The phase inspection is used to make sure that mistakes are identified and fixed before they have a chance to become a bigger problem down the line. So don’t you want to find any errors or mistakes before they cost you more money? 

Phase inspection is a system of inspection used to ensure that the work being done on a project is being done correctly. In this stage, the contractor needs to identify and fix any mistakes before it becomes a problem in the final product. Phase inspections are a crucial step in any new construction project. They happen at different stages of the process and allow teams to find any design or building errors before they become anything. The phase inspections also help keep the project on schedule by identifying problems early on and fixing them before they snowball into something bigger. However, the more time there is wasted, the more money it will cost to finish up, ultimately increasing the cost of construction.

Phase Inspection Process

1. Pre-Pour Foundation Inspection

The first phase begins when the home’s foundation make-up has been complete and the builder is ready to pour the cement. The purpose is to spot the quality of work before the concrete is poured over. 

2. Framing Inspection 

The second phase is conducted when the structure has reached the drywall and insolation are ready to be installed. Again, the purpose is to identify defective practices before installing the interior insulation and exterior cladding.

3. Final Inspection

The final phase is conducted when the house is substantially complete, generally when the builder is ready to give a final walk-through. The purpose is to ensure that the building standards install effective systems and components.

Some of the things that may be inspected are:

  • Quality of materials used
  • Completion of work
  • Completion of drawings
  • Reporting of regular on-site inspections
  • Participation in project meetings
  • Inspection of paints and coatings
  • Inspection and documentation of all contractor activities
  • Field testing and sampling of soils and concrete
  • Handover inspection for smooth project closeout


Most inspections are conducted but not limited to during the construction phase. But before you can inspect and begin reporting on the project’s progress, specific inspections are carried out as part of the general process. For example, these inspections may be part of contract reviewing, pre-contract meetings, and client onboarding. 

Health and Safety 

Construction inspections are crucial to ensure that health and safety standards are being complied with and followed. These inspections are internally conducted by the contractor or externally by third-party auditors of the regulating body. 


Quality control inspections involve those that ensure that the construction works comply with the requirements. There are technical specifications that describe what controls must be carried out to guarantee that construction works are carried out adequately. Inspections are a means to control the quality of finished construction work. The desired result is to refine the product before being presented to the client.

Everyone likes to be surprised by how great a new house or apartment looks. Unfortunately, most people applying for construction permits do not give proper attention to home building standards when the project is being approved. The result is that on-site work tasks become very challenging for contractors who must hire a team to find mistakes that could have been found and fixed before any severe building began. 

In such a situation, Atlantic Building Inspections can come to your rescue. We can work with you during the construction phase inspection process by offering on-site inspections at the most reasonable times to evaluate and report on the installation practices for major systems being installed. 

At Atlantic Building Inspections, we provide critical insights into the home’s construction, as well as a chance to prevent expensive repairs later on down the line. To know more, connect with us today!