Home Inspectors Miami Advises Homeowners Not To Overlook Chimney Evaluations

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Chimneys are important to building structures, particularly throughout cold winter months according to your Home Inspectors Miami. They prevent the poisonous fumes generated by a fireplace from coming into the home, keeping the air inside clean and safe to breathe. Although the chimney is a totally independent structure from the roof structure, it is essential to not neglect its routine evaluation and routine maintenance, as it could potentially become a supplier of hazardous carbon monoxide poisoning.


Why Evaluate?

There are many reasons to check out the chimney. The top end of the chimney is essentially left open to multiple outdoor elements and the opposite end is continuously exposed to extraordinary heat, which makes the whole framework more vulnerable to harm.

The most typical type of problem to happen is cracks, with numerous assorted causation factors. Thermal fatigue is one of the most typical incidents. The variation between inside and outside temperatures can certainly cause the chimney to fracture, establishing a path for leaks.

The flashing that connects the roof and the chimney may also work loose from thermal expansion of the roofing layers. Even heavy winds could allow the flashing to come loose, rendering it inadequate in the proper protection it needs to provide. This particular situation can trigger leaks around the exterior part of the structure, permitting water to absorb into the underlying roofing layers.

Chimneys are used most frequently throughout the cold winter months; having said that, lots of things can transpire in the meantime. A feathered creature might nest inside the chimney flue during the summer months, causing an obstruction. Soot could build up over many years of use and gradually narrow the flue passageway, rendering it unsuccessful in exhausting unsafe gases.

When to Evaluate

The majority of chimneys are constructed from brick masonry and in some cases cement; a handful are built from prefabricated steel. Irrespective of what material have been utilized, it is essential to conduct evaluations as follows:

Every year

A yearly assessment really should be done several months prior to the winter season beginning to ensure any repairs could be made with sufficient time remaining prior to when the winter season actually begins. During the periods when the chimney is not being used, dirt could well have accumulated. Birds have a bad habit of nesting in the chimney flue, which might cause a partial or even complete clog. Damage might also have taken place from prior winter’s usage and call for repair work. An annual exam can help mitigate most of these potential problems.

Seismic Events

Subsequent to an earthquake, it is essential to investigate the chimney for fractures. Even the steel type of chimney ought to be examined, as it might also be weakened.

Serious Storms

Fierce wind and hail are able to wreck masonry and cause openings in the flashing. Make sure to evaluate the outside of the chimney after each and every storm to inspect for any brand new damage.


When proof of a leak turns up on a ceiling, the chimney needs to be examined along with the roof because both can be the cause of leaks. A crack might have occurred or the flashing might have come loose, enabling water to soak through into the underlying material.

Essential Safety Suggestions

When getting up on a roof, there is a real risk of falling. When completing a chimney examination, it would certainly be better to do so during clear weather when the roof is not so perilous. Putting on rubber-soled shoes for more traction would be a good idea as well as having a spotter close at hand who can react straight away in the event of a fall. It would also be a smart safety precaution to use a safety line when getting up on top of the home. If the pitch of the roof is really steep or too high, it’s much better to leave the task to a professional contractor.

Chimneys are an important part of a home and should never ever be ignored.


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