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Chilly climate and shorter days can only mean one thing – winter time is approaching. Jan and The month of February are typically considered the coldest months within the Northwest, Northeast as well as Midwest sections of the United States. It can be very difficult for house owners to keep warm inside without running up monthly heating bills. Building experts say fall season is the perfect time to think of winterizing your home for a more energy efficient and comfortable wintertime.

  • Check for easy, low-cost repairs.

There are several very simple, very affordable processes that homeowners can do to make sure that their homes stays energy efficient, warm and comfy. For less than $100, weather-stripping for house windows, a door sweep strip along with caulking may help fill any air leakages in order to limit energy loss. A replacement of the furnace’s air filter every three months may also help make a more at ease atmosphere given that a clogged filter can cut the unit’s overall efficiency and lifespan.

  • Setup the temperature.

Spending in a programmable thermostat provides homeowners to look at the indoor temperature of their home remotely via a smart phone or using the net. Managing to keep the temperature low each time no one is home and programming the thermostat to raise the temperature whenever everybody arrives home, annual heating outlays can be reduced about 5-15 percent, according to the U.S Department of Energy. The same concept can be applied in summer time to help save on cooling rates.

  • Preclude ice damming.

If ice damming on the roof is an annual issue, give thought to have actions to completely avoid dams from developing. Major damage can lead from ice damming, so it is never too early to get started with thinking about a long-term resolution. Ice damming develops when warm, indoor air getting away through the roof melts snow on the shingles. The water then refreezes as it runs off the roof, building a barrier of ice at the edge. Shoveling snow or chipping ice away can threaten life, limb and also roof, so it’s best to think through more long lasting resolutions.

  • Keep warm air inside.

While weather-stripping and also caulking may also help address air loss, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Home Energy Saver website claims that proper air sealing insulation and attic venting are the most effective means to end ice damming from occurring. Spray foam insulation is a current resolution that both protects as well as seals to aid stop ice damming. Mounted by licensed specialists, spray foam insulation, like that available from Icynene, works well in every climate and fills in breaks and cracks to help stop air leaks as well as ice dams’ formation.

As a long-term remedy, spray foam insulation assists in maintaining a comfortable temperature year round at the same time helping to control monthly heating and cooling rates. Thanks to spray foam insulation’s air-sealing qualities, homeowners can diminish the size of their cooling and heating equipment since less effort is required to heat or cool the home.

While air leakage is able to play a role in higher-than-average cooling and heating rates, a well-insulated home and economical winterizing can help you get through the cold winter months. Homeowners can learn the five easy steps of selecting the proper insulation for their home on icynene.com.



How to Make a House Energy Efficient




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