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What to Expect During a Commercial Property Inspection?

by | Jan 21, 2022 | Blog

Whether you are purchasing, renting, selling, or leasing a commercial area, getting the building checked out by a qualified property inspector before signing the contract can help determine any significant issues with it. Without the professional opinion of an authorized commercial property inspector, many cases could be overlooked. 

At Atlantic Building Inspections, our commercial inspections include a thorough visual examination of the condition of a property, which offers an inventory of the building’s major systems and components and an assessment of the physical and functional conditions. Our purpose is to help business owners make the best business decision on whether or not to purchase or sell a commercial property. 

A commercial building inspection aims to offer potential buyers a better idea of what kind of physical condition the property is in. Building inspections must always be made before purchasing the said building as it offers appropriate due diligence. This inspection can often make or break a purchasing deal, and our commercial realtors always recommend a check.

Read on to get a better understanding of what a commercial inspection includes and what you can expect.

What are the stages in the building inspection process? 

Understanding the importance of a commercial inspection is vital in making sure such a significant investment doesn’t backfire and surprise you with hidden expenses in the foreseeable future. Also, it offers you valuable data to serve as an asset in negotiating the property’s price. But, most importantly, a commercial inspection provides an informative insight into the overall structure and health of the property in question.

The process has three main parts: 

1. Walk-through Survey

This part of the inspection process means that the inspector will conduct a visual examination and offer expert opinion on the condition of crucial site characteristics at the time of inspection. The assessment focuses on the building’s vital systems and components, which includes:

– Mechanical and electrical systems 

– Roof surface area 

– Vertical transportation 

– Paving, landscaping, and utilities 

– Interior elements 

– Heating and ventilation 

– Parking areas and sidewalks 

– Plumbing and Cooling systems 

– Life safety components 

– Door, windows, and interiors

The inspector may not work alone; they’ll typically bring in other specialists (electricians, plumbers, etc.) who can offer additional insight and expertise. 

2. Review and Interpretation of the Documents 

To find out if the building has been maintained correctly in the past and whether it complies with the current regulations and codes, the building inspector examines all previous inspection reports, code violation notices, building permits, building history, floor and construction plans, citations, certificates of occupancy and environmental studies related to the property. The inspector also interviews the people who are aware of the condition of the building. 

3. Inspection Report 

The inspection report details concise information from the walk-through survey, documents obtained, interview outcomes, and any other third-party reports ordered as part of the inspection process. The report offers an inventory of the building’s major systems and components and an evaluation of the physical and functional condition. These findings reveal the property’s strengths and potential deficiencies, including deferred maintenance issues. The report also provides recommendations on best addressing the currently detected issues and creating a strategic plan for remediation of the possible problems. 

After the entire inspection process, you can then connect with your commercial realtors to discuss whether or not you would like to move forward with purchasing the particular property and whether or not you should bid lower than the asking price.

If you plan to invest in a commercial building or try to sell yours without diminishing its value, Atlantic Building Inspections can help you do just that! 

We offer expert inspection services to several commercial estates, including restaurants, malls, apartment complexes, storage facilities, office buildings, motels, retail stores, and even more. Our inspection process can be tailored to suit the specific needs of any kind of commercial property. Our inspectors are guaranteed to offer you a detailed inspection report to help you decide in your best interest. 

At Atlantic Building Inspections, we provide critical insights into the building’s construction, as well as a chance to prevent expensive repairs later on down the line. To know more, connect with us today!