Your Miami Home Inspectors on Inspecting Tile Roofs

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Information When It Comes To Knowing What Type of Tile Is On The Roof

The first thing your Miami Home Inspectors must do is identify the kind of tile roof you have. There are generally three (3) kinds; concrete tile, clay or terracotta tile, and composite or lightweight tile. Each one has unique features and issues that come with inspecting them.

Let’s start with the least common, composite tile. These are basically “fake” tile produced to appear to be clay tile. They are predominantly used on houses that do not have the structural capability in order to hold the weight of concrete tile or wish to manage the expense of clay tile installation. They frequently weigh in at approximately 1/3 the weight of the concrete tile, which commonly comes in at about 1,000 lbs. / sq. This enables them to be installed on essentially any roof structure which would generally have accommodated asphalt shingles.

The next most popular kind, depending on exactly where you live, would be clay tile. There are two (2) varieties of clay tile you are going to run across; terracotta and sand-cast. Terracotta tile appears much like flower pots, due to the fact that they are crafted from the same material and process. Sandcast tiles are commonly multicolored with oranges, tans, grays, etc. They may also have chinking or a mortar/mud set installation.

One of the most typical tile on a nationwide basis is without a doubt the concrete tile. They have easily distinguished from clay tile a result of their thickness, weight, as well as the lack of color on the underside. They are the most dependable tile I have seen. According to the manufacturers, they feature warranties from about 75 years to lifetime. In reality, the roof will likely begin to leak at around 35 years because of inadequate workmanship at penetrations/flashing.

So, precisely how do you inspect them? The very first thing to do is make sure all the tiles are present. Assuming that they aren’t correctly fastened, they can and will blow off. The trim and cut tiles are among the most troublesome because they require the most attention at the time of installation. All tiles must be secured to the roof with; nails, screws, battens, gravity, foam, and/or adhesive. It may seem like many options, but it really depends on where you live. Just make sure you are aware of local requirements.

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