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Miami Home Inspectors Tips To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Posted on: September 2, 2013 by in Home Improvement, home inspection
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You pride yourself on keeping a clean home. The laundry is washed, the dishes are dry and the den where the children built their pillow fort has been restored to sanity. You've been vigilant about cleaning up the messes you can see, but what about the messes you can't? What are you doing to improve the air quality in your home? You might need the help of Miami Home Inspectors. You may not think about the air quality in your home because the problem isn't visible, but that doesn't stop dust, Continue Reading ...

Do-It-Yourself Weekend Warrior Survival Guide From Home Inspectors Miami

Posted on: August 27, 2013 by in Home Improvement, home inspection
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It's the do-it-yourself dream: deciding on the perfect DIY project just as the weekend finally arrives. All the supplies have been purchased and you're ready to dive right in. However, the enthusiastic start of the project doesn't always end in completion. "Knocking out a big home improvement or do-it-yourself project with Home Inspectors Miami in one weekend can be a rewarding task, but it is also challenging and can be taxing on your knees, feet and back when standing in the same position Continue Reading ...

A Homeowner’s Guide To A Year-Round Deck With Miami Home Inspectors Help

Posted on: August 26, 2013 by in Home Improvement, home inspection
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During the warm summer months, having an outdoor deck for barbecues and gatherings with family and friends is a great addition to any backyard. The approach of cool weather may signal the end of barbecue season, but homeowners can still use their deck after the warm temperatures have passed. "Although decks are generally a summer attraction, there are ways to make them accessible during the winter as well," says Stephen McNally, TAMKO Building Products Inc.'s vice president of sales and Continue Reading ...

Miami Home Inspectors Easy Tips For Green Remodeling

Posted on: January 22, 2013 by in Home Improvement, home inspections miami
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One of the hottest trends in home improvement according to Miami Home Inspectors is remodeling with green or sustainability in mind. Going "green" means using building methods and environmentally friendly building materials that reduce your home's impact on the earth, while enhancing the health of your home for you and your family.   In a nutshell, remodeling your home to make it more green means reducing your home's impact on the environment (using less resources such as water and Continue Reading ...